Monday, 14 May 2012

Monday Morning Mish-Mash

I had forgotten how time consuming owning a puppy can be.  It's much like having a baby--they require constant attention and I have to watch him with an eagle eye.  We've had a few accidents and lost one cell phone charger to chewing, but other than that, I cannot be more in love with this little guy.  He makes my heart happy.

We took him on Saturday to get his first shots and his first worming treatment.  While we were waiting, I noticed that he was scared to death of all the yappy Chihuahua dogs, but he desperately wanted to make friends with all the huge dogs.  There was a gorgeous pure-bred pit bull and a GIGANTIC Mastiff who were very tolerant of tiny Cooper climbing all over them and chewing on their ears.

Needless to say, with all the extra attention and training Cooper requires, I haven't done much crocheting since he came home with us last week.  The only thing I've finished since then is a small blanket for him.  It's nothing fancy, just rows of dc and a border made up of five rows of hdc, using this neat pattern that looks like it's been knitted.  Cooper loves his blanky and it often travels with him between his basket at my bedside and his spot in the living room.

I have a tonne of half-finished projects that I work on for about ten or fifteen minutes at a time, when he gives me a chance, including Mother's Day gifts for my MIL (obviously this is going to be a big late), a birthday present for my mother whose birthday is in June, and two baby afghans that need to be finished by August. Hopefully the little stinker will give me a bit more time to finish!

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  1. Cooper and his blanket are adorable!! I love the colors you used, it looks very snuggly!